Kayalvarath Ayurveda Hospital is a century old institution founded by Hon: V.I.Varghese Vaidyan, a visionary and philanthropist. He was the inventor of many innovative treatments and effective medicines, which serve as sure-cure for many chronic diseases, under the ancient system of the Ayurvedic Medicines. From the ancestral way we are specialized in

Bladder Stone
Chronic Headache
Blackish discoloration of face
Rheumatic Arthritis
Cervical Spondilitis
Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Back Pain
Cervical Spondylosis
Lumbago and Sciatica
Headaches and Migraine
Hair fall
Life style disease
Depression and Insomnia
Constipation and Piles
Skin disorders like Scabies
Acne Marks
Foot Cracks
Discoloration of Skin
Hair Loss and Dandruff
Urinary Tract Infections
Debility and General Health Care
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Gynecological problems like Irregular Menstrual Cycles and Leucorrhoea
Nervous problems like Stroke and Epilepsy
Digestive disorders like Indigestion

We offers various health care programs in Ayurveda like Rejuvenation Therapy, Body purification Therapy, Body Immunity Program, Slimming Program, beauty care program & Stress Management Program. Ayurveda suggests some special medication and therapies after delivery to maintain body strength and to bring back the normal condition of abdomen and internal organs.

Slimming Program

Too much in take of high fat foods, fried items..etc. coupled with sedentary life style leads to Obesity-excess accumulation of body fat which may obstruct numerous body channels. This may cause various metabolic disorders including irregular appetite, hyper tension as well as diabetic conditions.
This treatment procedure aims to eliminate excess fat so that the metabolism process is corrected and the body channels cleared.
Various Herbal Powders and Paste are deeply dry massaged on to the body to be synchronized with massage of specific medicated oils, steam bath etc.
This process helps to mobilized accumulated fats and specially designed diet programmers prevent further accumulation of fat. In addition, specific Yoga postures are also recommended in order to reduce body weight.
Depending upon the body disposition of various individuals, appropriate Panchakarma therapies are also recommended.
Normally this treatment is being conducted for 14/21/28 days depending upon the condition of the patients.


An ancient and widely proven method of activating the nervous system and major organs by the insertion of fine, disposable needles in specific points of the body to balance the body's natural harmony. By doing so, the obstructed flow of energy is cleared and the balance in body’s life energy is established. It is also used for many pain related conditions.