Our History

KAYALVARATH HOSPITAL - A renowned venture from Southern Kerala with decades of experience and expertise in the field of ayurvedic treatment

The hospital came into existence way back in 1929 under the able guidance of Vaidyakalanidhi V I Varghese Vaidyan. The hospital was a success since its inception. The treatment given out was purely old and contemporary and there was provision for a team of doctors to visit the patient's home where IP facility was not available.

Vaidyakalanidhi V I Varghese Vaidyan was born in the year 1907 in the small village of Panayam, His father Kayalvarath Sri Kochidichandi Assan was a famous practitioner and teacher of nattu chikitsa. He was a kind hearted soul who looked after the sick and needy. Varghese Vaidyan was immensely inspired by the dedication of his father and decided upon a career in medicine. He also showed a keen interest to master sanskrit language. At the age of 17 he was absorbed into the Ayurvedic College, Trivanduram and stepped out of it at the age of 21 with the title of 'Vaidyakalanidhi' and also complemented it with a first rank and gold medal.
After passing out he spent a few years in the companionship of ayurvedic maestros putting into practice what he learned and later in 1929 set up his own 'Vaidyasala' (clinic) in Perinad. He was unmatched in his knowledge on Ayurveda. His selfless and untiring efforts in the treatment and promotions of Ayurveda have been widely acclaimed.

He left for his heavenly abode on 2nd April 1983 and his wife, Smt. Raheelamma Varghese in 2009.

He has parented 3 male children and 6 females. Eldest son V. Alexander is a businessman in Chennai, the 2nd Dr. V Mathewkutty, BAM, MBBS and 3rd, younger Dr. George Varghese, DAM chief physician of this hospital. Now there are 18 doctors in Vaidyan’s generation. Dr.Annamma George (Homeo and Acupuncture), Dr. Varghese K. George BAMS (Physician in charge of group hospitals), Dr. Rachel Varghese MBBS, MD (Fellowship in Rheumatology) , Dr. Mathew Varghese MDS and Dr. Rebecca Mathew BDS are the doctors working in Kayalvarath hospital. Other doctors in this generation are Dr. V. Mathewkutty BAM. MBBS, Dr. Susannamma Mathew (Gynecologyst) and they are working in different hospitals.