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"Ayurveda", the veda of life stands for Indian system of medicine. It is a way of life, a philosophy and a science of healing and health care. Etymologically the term 'Ayus' means span of life and 'Veda' means unimpeachable knowledge.

Ayurveda is probably the oldest medical science that lays stress on positive health, by blending physical, mental, social, moral and spiritual welfares. The 'Ayur' of Ayurveda is a combination of sareera(body), indriya (organs of perception), sathwa(mind) and athma(soul).

This great science of life was originated in India and is best flourishing in Kerala because here we are giving more importance for Herbal medicine. Ayurveda in Kerala is the best and it has the ideal geographic location for Ayurveda treatment. Its salubrious climate has made external purification & rejuvenation therapies most effective for treatment of many psychosomatic disorders

Kayalvarath Ayurveda hospital is renowned for treating diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, low back ache, cervical spondylosis, psoriasis, allergic respiratory disorders, multiple sclerosis, age related mental stress and rheumatic diseases.

Our expert Vaidyans (Ayurvedic Physicians) will diagnose your aliment and treat you accordingly. Even if you are lucky enough to have no major (or minor) health problems, a stay with us will convince you about the efficacy of a herbal session! We promise you it will do wonders for your fitness, vitality and longevity.

‘Panchakarma’ is the sheath anchor of Ayurveda and it is a fivefold purification therapy, designed to assist the body in the internal cleansing process by eliminating the toxins, wastes and other excesses to bring the supportive forces of life the 'tridoshas' (Vata, Pitta and kapha) into balance.

Panchakarma includes :-

1. Vamanakarma Expulsion of vitiated doshas through oral route is called Vamanakarma.
2. Virechanakarma Expulsion of vitiated doshas through rectum is known as Virechanakarma
3. Vastikarma Administration of medicated oil or decoctions into the rectum to pacify or expel the vitiated doshas is known as Vastikarma
4. Nasyakarma Administration of medicated oil, juices and powders through nostrils is known as Nasyakarma
5. Raktamoksha Expulsion of vitiated blood from the body is known as Rakatamoksha

Other Treatments :-

Pizhichil Abhyangam & Swedham Dhara
Shiro Dhara Sarvanga Dhara Nasyam
Navarakkizhi Sirovasti Steam Bath

In addition to the above procedures, treatments like kashayavasty, snehavasty, snehapanam, pichu etc are conducted under the expert supervision at moderate charges. There are cases where appendicitis, gastritis etc have been completely cured by resorting to snehavasty and snehapana. All these special treatments dhara, pizhichil, navarakkizhi etc. are being carried out under the expert supervision of the Physicians in our hospital.